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Beirut layers

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 13, 2008

As my remaining days here grow shorter, I find myself increasingly interested in signs of the passage of time – like this stretch of wall below:

The wall has an old Amal flag painted on it, with various other painted graffitis, and several generations of posters advertising concerts, plays and other cultural events.

I like how they all accrete on top of one another. Its not the prettiest part of Beirut, but to me these layers of signs and graffiti images are incredibly interesting. How do people decide that this particular street, and this particular stretch of wall in particular, is the one best suited for their “advertising”?

(The white band that appears to be stretched across the wall is actually on the street side of the sidewalk. Its from the Vivicitta half marathon/5K that was run two weekends ago – a run that drew a great number of people, judging by the number of runners/walkers I passed on my way to the gym that morning.)

Meanwhile I’m hoping that the series of little earthquakes that Lebanon and Syria have been experiencing over the past few months – including a 4.0 an hour ago – doesn’t mean that a bigger one is on its way. I’m used to thinking of Lebanon as having political disasters, and the US as having physical ones – and with the terrible flooding in my home state this week, I’m full-up on natural disaster anxiety.


2 Responses to “Beirut layers”

  1. abu owlfish said

    Nice photo. When I first saw it I thought that everything below the white line was a reflection.

    On the one hand it will be good knowing you’ll be in a relatively but not necessarily really safer place. On the other, I’ll miss reading your posts from the frontiers of freedom (as General Bonesteel [real name] used to call Korea).

  2. moose said

    At first glance I thought it said “Beirut Lawyers” and it reminded me of a riddle.
    “What do you call 5 Beirut lawyers at the bottom of the Mediteranean sea?”

    A.- A good beginning…

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