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“safety first”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 10, 2008

I understand from recent news reports that the ISF has been having a little trouble keeping order recently – or maybe that was the Lebanese Army. Or the Parliamentary Police. Or perhaps even those mysterious men in blue.

Anyway. While Lebanon’s various militia military forces are tackling the thorny issue of law and order, the ISF has been reaching out to citizens on an individual level.

In honor of Charles Malik, I’m calling its campaign “Safety First”.

Thus far I’ve received sms’es reminding me not to drink and drive:

not to forget my seat belt:

and to lighten up on my speed to live longer:

The sms’es also tell me that my life is precious and that my safety is the ISF’s concern, which is nice. I’d find it a bit more credible if the ISF backed up its reminders with 1) on-the-road sobriety tests 2) tickets for un-seatbelted drivers and passengers and 3) speed-traps, but in the meantime, I do appreciate the thought.


2 Responses to ““safety first””

  1. Hezbollah surrounded yesterday a police unit that arrested on of its members who was driving a car without registration…

  2. moose said

    Boy wouldn’t it be nice if they tried to stop drivers from chasing pedestrians on the sidewalk or parking on the sidewalks or not stopping for stop signs or red lights or giving, heaven forbid, pedestrians the right of way…oh, wouldn’t it be nice.

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