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revenge, Saudi style

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 9, 2008

After Qatar’s success in getting Lebanon to return at least to its usual dysfunctional functionality, there was much speculation as to how the Saudis felt about being upstaged by their smaller neighbor.

Thanks to this article from Saudi Arabia’s English-language Arab News, I think we now know:

RIYADH, 9 June 2008 — The Saudi Vs. Lebanon match held at the King Fahd International Stadium here on Saturday had an unusual start after officials mistakenly played the wrong national anthem. Fans were left shocked and Lebanese players were visibly angry when the Syrian national anthem began blaring from the stadium’s speakers, the Arriyadiyah sports daily reported yesterday. Officials quickly realized their mistake, and eventually played the correct national anthem. However, the error, which was committed by the organizing officials of the tournament, prompted the President of the Saudi Football Federation, Prince Sultan ibn Fahd, to order an official investigation into the incident. Saudi Arabia went on to win the World Cup qualifying match 2-1.

The Saudis played the Syrian national anthem for the Lebanese soccer team. I don’t mean to, but I am totally laughing out loud.


7 Responses to “revenge, Saudi style”

  1. Tfeh! said

    Do not worry, I am laughing as well. Sad to say that I still think that the day will come when we will hear our “sisterly’s” anthem in Lebanon. Soon!

  2. Tantalus said

    It’s a Saudi conspiracy to weaken the morale of the Lebanese players, who, as proof of the theory, went on to lost the game. lol

  3. intlxpatr said

    What an audacious insult

  4. moose said

    Aw come on now guys…I have it from a good source that this was really a mini mistake…NOT!

  5. Actually I met a Saudi in Jeddah one day a few years ago (I visit often) and when I explained to him that Lebanon and Syria were two different countries, he was shoked. Apparently he had always thought that Lebanon and Syria were one country!!

  6. Hi Bashir – nice to “see” you! And thank you very much for the story – I usually assume that people around the region know the other countries fairly well, but that’s probably a total mis-assumption on my part. So the anthem mix-up could have been a very honest mistake. Poor man who did it – I hope he isn’t fired or otherwise punished!

  7. Thanks Tfeh – I’ll ask H to email them today!

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