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the party taxi

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 7, 2008

Yesterday evening we found ourselves following one of Lebanon’s more festive service/taxi cabs.

Of course, a festive Lebanese taxi can’t hold a candle to a festive Syrian taxi, which usually has multiple neon lights decorating everything from the gear-shift to the rear-view mirror, which itself often supports a plastic grape -vine and a cd printed with Quranic verses, both of which in turn hang above a photograph of the drivers’s young children/nieces and nephews and a sticker showing a beautiful pair of women’s eyes with tears spilling out of them, both attached to the dashboard.

So it wasn’t a festive Syrian taxi – but it was still pretty excited to be on the Beirut side of the Dora highway:

Notice the license plate? Yes, that’s right – its rimmed in fuschia neon. We loved it – and since I couldn’t get a great photograph on the first attempt, H kindly sped up until we were directly behind it:

Beautiful neon license frame! And see those brake lights? In our delight at the festivity, we lost track of what the traffic was doing – so we nearly had a very up-close-and-personal view of the neon.

Seeing the table tied to the cab’s roof-rack reminded me of when I brought a rocking chair home from the built-to-order furniture shop A introduced me to when I first moved here. I love that rocking chair, but I remember it looking absolutely ridiculous strapped to the top of the taxi. It was strapped in an upright position, so we drove through the city looking like a parade float in search of a prom queen to sit on it and smile and wave.

I hope the table’s new owners enjoyed the taxi ride as much as we enjoyed watching it drive in front of us, and I hope they enjoy their table as much as I enjoy my rocking chair.

2 Responses to “the party taxi”

  1. That is a 1974 or ’75 Mercedes 200 or 220,probably imported from Germany in the 80’s (D for Deutschland next to the license plate). I can’t beleive those cars are still used as cabs! Mercedes-Benz are surely the most durable cars in the world!

  2. Kheireddine, I can’t believe how much you know about these cars! There are TONS of these cars being used as service taxis here – and many that I would say are a bit older, with less streamlined styling. They are indeed very durable – and they are the most efficient form of “public transportation” I’ve seen here!

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