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gym odds and ends – with an emphasis on “odd”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 7, 2008

Two Saturday mornings ago, H picked me up from the gym so that we could attend part of a conference that AUB was having on museums. (Did I mention that we are both total nerds?)

When I got into the car, I noticed that he was frowning slightly. I asked him if everything was okay, and he said yes.

I had a dream earlier this morning that I was picking you up from the gym, H told me.

That didn’t seem terribly disturbing to me – actually, I thought it was a good dream, since it helped him remember the very important to-do item on his daily list :).

But it wasn’t just you, H continued, frowning deeper. I was also supposed to pick up Walid Jumblatt.

Interesting. And no wonder he was frowning.

For the past two weeks, I have been trying to reassure myself about this with arguments like the following: I like working out with my father when we’re in the same city, so I’m sure I would enjoy working out with Walid Jumblatt.

Its not working all that well, but I’m trying to move on anyway. And if Mr. Jumblatt ever does pop up on the elliptical next to mine, I’m sure we’ll find a lot to talk about.


One Response to “gym odds and ends – with an emphasis on “odd””

  1. intlxpatr said

    Hahahahahahahahaha, you and Walid Jumblatt running on those treadmils together, solving the problems of the world, arguing over which channel you should watch!

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