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stars in my eyes

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 5, 2008

A long time ago – almost a year and a half – I wrote a post about the various stars that I see around the region, including the five-pointed Druze star.

There’s a building in Ras Beirut, further down the street from the famous Khalidy Hospital (where Kheireddine first joined the world!). Its beautiful and well kept up, and the sign over the front entrance indicates that it was built in 1926:

Most of the building’s windows look like the ones above. But on the left-hand side of the building, the windows of the uppermost floor have a star motif:

Obviously, this side of the building hasn’t been kept up quite as nicely as the facade, but I still like the building. And I’m curious about the stars. Does this mean that the building was Druze-owned? Or was it simply built by a family that liked stars?

Kheireddine, since this is your “hood”, I’m counting on you for the answer 🙂 !

10 Responses to “stars in my eyes”

  1. moose said

    Speaking of “stars”, I was thinking that the best star to represent Lebanon would be a Nova.

  2. Thank you Diamond for the lovely picture! I am glad that the old house is still there 🙂 The hospital is in front the Khalidy house on Sidani st. I missed Ras Beirut so much! It was a cosmopolitan neighborhood where I used to hang around in my teens. One of my favourite streets was Makhoul st., and of course, Bliss st. 🙂

  3. The building belongs to the Khalidy family who are Sunni Muslims. A lot of old house had stars for decoration.

  4. Check this picture of the same house from the back.

  5. Moose, I don’t know – some days I might agree, but on other days I think Lebanon has a fairly steady little twinkle.

    Kheireddine, I knew I could count on you :)! I’m glad you enjoyed the photograph – I think the house is a gem, and I am delighted to know more about it.

  6. moose said

    …little twinkle indeed; until it implodes on itself!

  7. intlxpatr said

    I love those windows! And how cok that Kheireddine would know the background!

  8. intlxpatr said

    cok = “cool”

  9. Hi Khalti,

    I love the windows too! Its a beautiful house, like so many of the old ones here. And knowing its history makes it cok cool indeed! (Cok – chok – means “very” in Turkish :D.)

  10. […] building is next to the Khalidy house, which I’ve posted about before. Every time I pass the Khalidy house, I only grow more curious about its neighbor, because I […]

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