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fill `er up: the SSNP Mobil station

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 24, 2008

Woooooo-Hoooooo! I got it: a photograph of the SSNP-occupied abandoned Mobil station on Sidani Street:

Yes, that’s right: they have taken the old gas station, and they’re not giving it back! I understand that it has strategic value, if one wants to guard Sidani Street. But really: three teenage boys (two lounging on the old couch and one heading back into the old garage area) and a long-empty gas station. Is this the best the SSNP can do?

Earlier today H offered to make prints of some of these photographs, so we could use them to decorate our future apartment in New York. We’ve been talking about what we can take with us to remind us of Lebanon – and the idea of a SSNP-themed room is very tempting.

We can hang a “Rue Hamra” sign … put a big photograph of the new “Le Rouge” cafe … and hang photos of red flying swastikas everywhere. Home away from home, indeed.

In honor of our new “red” theme, I’m changing the color of my blog for the next few days. Rouge, red, rossa, roja, hamra2: enjoy!


2 Responses to “fill `er up: the SSNP Mobil station”

  1. I was born 50 meters from the gas station, in Khalidy clinic.

  2. […] across the street from lamppost to lamppost or the Hollywood rendition of their chief. No more red SSNP graffiti, no more light blue Moustaqbal ribbons either. We can actually see walls and trees and traffic […]

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