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neighborhood update ii: showing no flags!

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 22, 2008

This is just a quick post – yesterday I had no time to write, as I went straight from work to downtown, then to dinner, and then back downtown to see the tent dismantling. (I’ll post photographs from yesterday’s excursions later today, when I have more time to write.)

But I did want to share a picture of one big neighborhood change I noticed this morning. No, the SSNP has not vacated the abandoned Mobil station on Sidani that they so valiantly captured two weeks ago – but someone has taken down all the flags at the AUH roundabout:

I’m sure it won’t be long before some other group decides to claim this poor street sign-turned-flagpole. But in the meantime, I’m celebrating the depoliticization of at least one small bit of Hamra. No Mustaqbal flag, no opposition flags – just a normal street, where all citizens are welcome. Woo hoo!


2 Responses to “neighborhood update ii: showing no flags!”

  1. Tarek said

    Thanks for the update from what only a day ago seemed like the “other” part of town!…. And thanks a million for commenting on my MTV story, not sure if my comment back ever got to you. TJC

  2. Hi Diamond,

    I am nostalgic of Hamra and Ras Beirut. Thank you for your interesting posts! I added your blog on my links! Sorry my blog is in French 😉

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