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neighborhood update

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 20, 2008

On Friday I took a photograph of the graffiti tag on Omar Abdul Aziz Street that I mentioned last Thursday:

The three SSNP flying swastikas had been scrubbed into pink circles, but the tag remained – as did the SSNP armband-wearing, red keffiyeh-sporting guard stationed on the following block.

When I walked the same route yesterday, I noticed that a few things had changed. A number of posters had been affixed to the Freij building, surrounding the tag:

The posters list the names of the men killed in Halba, and invite readers to join a candle-lighting ceremony that took place on Hamra at 4 pm on Sunday.

(I don’t mean to make light of what happened, but I’m utterly charmed by the poster-makers’ New England style directions. The posters instruct people to meet at Modka, a legendary Hamra cafe that went out of business some time ago.)

The SSNP guard had also changed – back into his civilian garb. He now sports his usual security company jacket, and has two Lebanese Army soldiers to keep him company. Nice to know we’re protected – and who our neighbors really are.

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