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morning in the suburbs

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 11, 2008

Good morning and happy Sunday from Beirut’s suburbs. Its a beautiful day, and finally it seems that the city is becoming as calm as my current view of it suggests:

I think I’ll take advantage of the calm and blog about something trivial 🙂 .

I’m an early sleeper and an early riser, so when I’m not living solo, I often spend my first waking moments indulging in a little forensics.

Yesterday afternoon we were joined by a mutual friend who had made it out of Hamra during a lull in the fighting. This morning, my CSI Lubnan investigations tell me that his presence has added greatly to the guy-ishness of H’s apartment.

961 beer bottles on the kitchen counter … cigarettes in the ashtray … TV remote controls inter-mixed with recharging laptops – all the trappings of a Saturday night at home in media-savvy guy land.

But I’m mystified by one thing: there are also five or six torn pieces of kleenex scattered around the living room and front hall, leading into the kitchen. They’re clean, but torn.

I can understand the remote controls (staying on top of the wada3) and the laptops (staying in touch with friends around the country and the world).

I can understand the beer (Saturday night) and the cigarettes (small acts of rebellion, justified by the wada3).

But what on earth were they doing with the little tufts of kleenex?

I’m tidying up my laptop as I ponder this utterly mystifying question, and sorting through photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

This is a photo of the Corniche, coming towards Ain El Mreisse, that I took on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks to the strike, the road was totally empty – shocking at the time, but now merely a footnote to all the events since then:


3 Responses to “morning in the suburbs”

  1. Tantalus said


  2. MacDara said

    Or maybe just Stress.

  3. Tantalus said

    Or maybe it’s the mythical Chleenecks, a creature that roams the night, feeds on beer and cigarettes, and excretes tufts of tissue paper.


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