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hi no, hi no, its off to work I go!

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 7, 2008

I took this photograph a few days ago, when H and I were heading out of the city on one adventure or another:

I love how the truck drivers decorate their cars here – it reminds me of India. And I think that this truck’s “Hi No” message is very appropriate for the day of a general strike.

I’m at work, but I am definitely in the minority. I’m the only one in my office, and for some time I thought I might be the only one on my floor as well. Its not bad, though – I’m getting lots of work done. Who would have known: to increase worker productivity on an individual level, organize a strike.

More seriously, I hope that the day ends well. I saw burning tires on the television, but none on my way to the gym or to work. Its a big change from the January 2007 strike, when the sky was grey with rubber ash and I passed three flaming tires despite sticking to the side streets.

But its also a beautiful spring day after months of almost no conflict, and as H said to me on the phone a bit ago, Its early yet. Schools are closed, businesses are closed, and that means measurably more young men free to roam the streets, testosterone at the ready. And measurably more television news crews roaming the streets as well, hoping for any sign of breaking-new “action”. Not a healthy mix.

Naturally, I’m hoping for a big afternoon rain shower. Wet bodies bring cooler heads 🙂 .


3 Responses to “hi no, hi no, its off to work I go!”

  1. Leila said

    Hino is a Japanese manufacturer of diesel trucks. I can’t tell from the chassis whether this is actually a Hino, but doesn’t look like it. It’s funny how the driver/owner has painted the brand name and logo very artisanally on the back. A bit as if someone painted a Rolls Royce statuette trompe-l’euil on the front of a Beetle.

  2. Skiman said

    Take good care of yourself, whatever you do this days. Let’s hope it might just be a storm like the one you wish for.

  3. Leila, thank you for the comment – I had no idea that Hino is a brand. I can’t tell you how much I’ve puzzled over what “Hi No” might mean. “Hi Bye” I could understand, but “Hi No” was a mystery. Thanks to you, the mystery is solved!

    Skiman, thank you. This has been an awful day, and it looks like a worse night. I’m out of the city right now, but I have friends still there and I feel terrible hearing them talk about what they are hearing and how worried they are.

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