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missing the message …

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 6, 2008

Over the weekend, a graffiti appeared on the eastern end of Sidani Street in Hamra – a black and blue image of a little girl holding a “please, honking forbidden” sign in her left hand, which was also attached to an IV drip.

Weird, yes – especially since the paper sign appears to be an intentional part of the graffiti. There are two girls, half a block from one another, and both are carrying signs. But the signs don’t have the same text – the other girl’s sign says something about not crying wolf – like, “don’t honk unless its an emergency”, I think.

Last night someone added blood to the stump where her right arm had been – before it was just black. So now the graffiti is both weird and rather graphic:

I’m no medical expert, and I don’t mean this in bad taste, but what I think of when I see this image is “the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing”. Why is her left hand getting such good medical care, when her right hand is … gone?

After all, if my arm had been ripped off and was now spurtling blood, I would expect the good doctors who had given me an IV in my left hand to be doing a bit more to save the right hand that I had just lost.

And as much as I admire dedication to a cause, I diagnose this girl’s insistence on continuing with the no-honking manifestation as a sign of shock.

Its almost summer. bring back the ice cream cone graffiti, please!


I took a photograph of the other graffiti girl yesterday morning, just before the country started to collapse (guess I should have read more into that missing right arm):

The sign actually says: “As in the story of Peter and the wolf”, but I think the message is the same.


3 Responses to “missing the message …”

  1. maya said

    the stencil is clearly an exaggeration, your arm wouldn’t still be gushing blood out if you clearly look like you’ve been through hospital procedures. point behind this is how inconsiderate we are when we create noise pollution and completely ignore the no honking signs near hospitals, as in someone’s baby could have just been shot out of their belly and we still insist. i understand the message is a bit far off though.

  2. Dear Maya,

    Yes, the stencil is definitely an exaggeration. And I like the creative connection you draw between the stencil and the hospital, although I’m not sure it works in this case.

    The stencils are located several blocks _after_ the hospital, on one-way streets. So anyone who sees them has already passed the hospital – when its too late to influence his/her honking behavior in a way that would improve life for any new mothers or other hospital patients.

  3. maya said

    fair enough 🙂

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