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collecting memories

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 3, 2008

Its almost 7:30 – sunset time – and H and I are lounging around on his couch, each working desultorily on due-Monday projects. I love the view from his living room:

I’ll miss this city when we’re back in New York, and I’ll miss seeing sunsets from this vantage point:

Conversation that accompanied my uploading these photos:

Birds bark when its sunset, H said, as a volley of chirping came from his parents’ bird. Its like a last hurrah before they return to their nests.

Hmm, I said. I can understand – sometimes I get a bit stir crazy as the day ends. Maybe I’m part bird.

Hey, H said, segueing from birds to other flying objects. There’s an Israeli jet flying over the city. Maybe you should re-shoot the sunset photo to include it.

I suppose Israeli overflights have now become so normal that I can consider them part of the “typically Lebanese” repertoire, but I’m too lazy to pick up my camera. Just imagine these photos with a white jet-stream far above the city skyline – a thin line of violated sovereignty that gets redrawn again and again and again.


3 Responses to “collecting memories”

  1. Michel said

    Speaking of Israeli jets, Clo and I joined a group of hikers yesterday and we walked from Barouk to Radar Hill where you can contemplate both, the Chouf and the Bekaa valley. What a site. Standing inside the bombed out cement radar compound, we tried to imagine the Israeli jets that bombed out this radar site in the early 60s. It brought chills and bad memories.
    PS Found a mine on the side of the mountain which took us to the radar. It may have been de-activated since it was not buried or anything…but be careful walking up and around there anyway…

  2. Kheireddine said


    The radar got destroyed in 1973 and not in the early 60’s.

  3. Moose said

    Sorry, I was told that the Israelis bombed it in 67 and it was finally dynamited in the 70s to really finish it off. Forgive me, I’m new here and just learning the history…and it is complicated.

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