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pictures worth 1000 words

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 29, 2008

Last Thursday I skipped out of work early so that H and I could go see the Civil War posters exhibit at the children’s museum (Planet Discovery) downtown. And yes, we both did note the irony (or at least the questionable taste) of a children’s museum displaying posters produced by militia groups during the Civil War – as opposed to the fun exhibits that I remember delighting in at the Boston Children’s Museum when I was small.

Anyway. The exhibit was fascinating – well arranged, intelligently curated, and with an amazing array of posters. Today the streets are also covered with political posters – so for me it was fascinating to see the War-era ones.

The first section of the exhibit showed a selection of posters arranged chronologically by group – an X-axis of time, and a Y-axis of Christian, leftist, Sunni etc. militias:

The only use of “al-wa`d” I’d ever seen was the Hizbullah rebuilding campaign. Apparently in 1980 the term belonged to the Kataeb. Go figure :)!

The man in the top poster above is (of course) Bachir Gemayel, while the middle one commemorated the Sabra and Shatila massacres and was produced by a Palestinian-friendly militia.

The poster above is one of the early “Islamic Resistance” posters – pre-Hizbullah. I like it because it is so colorful – and even though my better self feels terrible about this, I keep thinking of it as the “Dance, Dance, Revolution” poster.

More later – time for one last Boston breakfast before heading home to Beirut :).


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