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a better door than a window

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 25, 2008

H and I started off our tour of Beiteddine a bit backwards. We wandered half-way down the open courtyard before doubling back to find the stairs up to the museum.

The second time, we walked inside – through a long interior space filled with human-size posters from Raymond Yazbeck’s latest book, which showcases traditional houses in Lebanon. The houses were lovely – each poster showed samples from a different town – but the posters left the impression that Lebanon has many stone houses, most of which look more or less the same.

What did impress us, deeply, was the very authentic wooden door nestled in between the posters:

Its definitely traditional, although not necessarily the image M. Yazbeck generally promotes through his lush depictions of Lebanese historiana. If I were to create a book around this door, I might try giving it a livelier title. Gun Cultures of the Chouf, perhaps?


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