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factory in the Chouf

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 24, 2008

After narrowly avoiding burning to death in a raging forest fire (well, not really – but doesn’t that sound so much more impressive than “driving past slowly with cameras out both front windows”), H and I continued on our way up into the Chouf.

As we cleared the initial incline, H pointed out an old factory nestled into the mountainside across the way:

Naturally, we slowed down once more so I could get a better photo:

With its smokestack and open floorplan – large rectangular room, rows of windows – it reminded me of many of the old factories in New England. And like them, it appeared to have outlived its original purpose.

When we rounded the bend and pulled up closer, we noticed that the upper floor windows had modern single-pane glass (more visible on the side windows than from this view):

I’m guessing that the factory was originally used for spinning silk, since the mountain areas became filled with mulberry tree/silkworm farms in the late 1800s. But we didn’t know what the factory could be used for today, until we asked the museum guide at Beiteddine.

Its used for wine-making, he told us. We think he meant wine storage, but still – go figure!


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