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fire in the Chouf

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 23, 2008

On Sunday, H and I drove to the Chouf to spend the afternoon at Beiteddine.

Just a few turns after the first checkpoint (thanks to Walid Jumblatt’s presence, the Chouf is peppered with checkpoints), we passed a raging wildfire.

We slowed down to take photos, as did the cars in front of and behind us. The flames were a bit frightening – six or eight feet tall, and looming somewhat ominously over us as we drove by.

Unfortunately, the photographs make the fire look pretty tame:

I tried zooming in, but the flames still appear only knee-high:

But really, it was an impressive fire. So impressive that we – ahem! – neglected to do anything useful, like call the fire department. There is a fire department in Lebanon, but I’m not sure how quickly they mobilize. Or how effective they are.

At any rate, we saw no human presence on the hillside. When we passed the fire on our way home, it had almost burned itself out – no thanks to us!


One Response to “fire in the Chouf”

  1. Rami said

    I went to Baakline (chouf) nearly 1 month ago to shoot some SUPERB waterfalls. Along the way right before Baakline I have noticed that a large number of trees was newly cut.. and now the fire! That’s a bit disturbing.

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