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nature walk in the Metn, part two

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 22, 2008

I meant to post more photos from our day in the Metn last week, but somehow other posts intervened. I’m posting the three below without commentary, just to move the queue along a bit. Last weekend we went to Beiteddine and I have much to post about that 🙂 !

Another beautiful tree:

My mother takes beautiful close-up photographs of flowers and tree stems. I tried to do the same with this one, but deeper zooming only revealed the many bugs calling it home:

Looking back down the path we had just walked – beautiful greens and ocher reds:


6 Responses to “nature walk in the Metn, part two”

  1. LetUsTalk said

    Beautiful photos! Such interesting topography that has been captured on “film” !

  2. We have a huge Lebenese community in my American town and whenever I’d see their pics of “the old country” (pre-civil war), everything looked as if it were in the middle of the Garden of Eden; flowers, fruit trees, green green green everywhere! What a beautiful country, indeed!

  3. Kheireddine said

    It is good to know that there still green mountains in Lebanon, but for how long?

  4. nQ said

    arent you supposed to be in the rough?

  5. I found this blog to be very useful and informative.I liked the great content and enjoyed the articles.Keep up the great blogging.

  6. Hi Mom! Thanks for the blog comment!

    Daisy, thank _you_ for your comment! I love your blog – you write with both grace and humor! It is beautifully green here, at least in the rural areas. The city parts are, well, pretty “city” :).

    Kheireddine, you are right – they are green and beautiful, and keeping them that way is a serious issue. Lebanon needs to “green” itself – starting with getting people to pick up their own garbage. What I _didn’t_ take pictures of were all the beautiful streams and rocks ruined by plastic bags and rusting soda cans. Have some self-respect, people!

    NQ – it was rough by Lebanese standards! We had to do our own walking :). (And good of you to choose the “Q” rather than the “R”. I fully believe in the old saying that the N/R stands for Never and Rarely!)

    Thanks, Dr. Martin! Your desserts do look heavenly, and I’m so glad you enjoyed cooking with a tagine!

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