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the sunset tree

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 15, 2008

I fully intended to have a more interesting post today, but I stayed late at work and then scooted off to meet the rebar bride and groom for dinner at our old haunt, Bardo.

We used to come here all the time, the rebar bride explained to her groom.

Yes, I added helpfully. Especially last spring, during the bombings.

Well – we always did think that Bardo was a safe spot to be, given its lack of nightspot neighbors and/or windows.

The food was as good as ever, and just as we did last spring, I went home to bed, while the rebar bride took her novio off for drinks with other, more exciting (or at least more late-night) friends.

And now I am truly off to sleep, with visions of a busy Wednesday dancing through my head.


5 Responses to “the sunset tree”

  1. sporty diamond said

    Sweet dreams, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. LetUsTalk said

    Lovely little blog, and BEAUTIFUL photo!

  3. thanks, family!

  4. Nicole said

    What a beautiful spot. Wish for something like that in Kuwait.
    I miss greens and mountains ;)!

  5. Nicole, it was a beautiful spot! It also had a LOT of mosquitoes, none of whom (happily) appeared in my photos.

    Kuwait is lovely in its own way – but you are right about the green. Once you get out of the landscaped city areas, the highways and outskirts are all rocks and scrub desert!

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