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mapping Beirut – for the rebar bride & groom

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 13, 2008

Yesterday I had lunch with K, the rebar bride-to-be, after our respective Saturday morning grooming double-headers (me: face & nails; her: face & hair). The rebar fiance was scheduled to arrive yesterday evening, and she was hoping to buy a map of Lebanon to help orient him.

I have multiple maps of Lebanon, none of which I use, because I travel around the country exclusively as a passenger. So K stopped by my apartment after lunch and I sent her off with assorted maps and guidebooks.

(And yes, don’t worry – I sent her off with current guidebooks. I plan on attending their wedding, and I do not want to be introduced there as Diamond, the one who sent us off to drive through a war-torn country armed only with a 1965 guidebook.)

They’re off to Baalbek today, hopefully wandering around the ruins as I type. And when they return, I hope they enjoy watching the YouTube video below as much as I do. Its an oldie (at least in internet terms – December 2007) but very much a goodie: the travails of a young Lebanese man trying to reconcile his map knowledge of Beirut with locals’ street knowledge. In other words, he uses streets – they use landmarks. Its a total hoot.


4 Responses to “mapping Beirut – for the rebar bride & groom”

  1. LetUsTalk said

    Great video! I wish it went one step further and explained just how people do know their ‘streets’ – that it is by association with something else! Kinda like in the ‘olden days’ before maps 🙂

  2. Thanks! Yes, people definitely use landmarks to navigate – I think he doesn’t ask about them because he assumes that Lebanese people watching the video (or people who live here) will know about the landmarks-navigating 🙂

  3. Melody said

    This video made me laugh! I remember I thought it was so funny that you knew the names of streets in Damascus (like the name of the street I lived on for four years and never knew).

  4. […] had since childhood (I loved Oklahoma) and celebrating the recent wedding of my friend K, the rebar bride. (For a fuller explanation of the rebar connection, see this post. And remember that most […]

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