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bovinity, or a day in the country

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 13, 2008

I love the hush of Sunday mornings. I’m an early riser by nature – I wake up shortly after sunrise, like my aunt, and on weekends I relish the early morning quiet as a time to get my life in order.

So this morning I’ve caught up on emails and the latest photo albums from Sporty Diamond, moved some money around (I don’t like paying bills, but I do love online banking. The US banking system has been awful with mortgages but very, very good with technology.), sorted out seats for an upcoming flight to the US and done a load of laundry. Its 7:42 am, and I am ready for the week!

And its good timing, as 7:30 is the time that the rest of my neighborhood begins to stir. Not everyone – I see some apartment shutters stay closed until mid-afternoon! But around 7:30 the bird chirping begins to be drowned out by male voices – workers arriving to a nearby construction site – and moped vrrooom vrrooom vrroooms.

H has gone to Dubai for a few days to work on a short-term project, but we spent a lovely sun-drenched afternoon driving around the upper Metn, ending up in Qornayel.

And as if to prove to us that we were really in the country, we passed cows, sheep, and even a few goats – each with a few young ones in tow.

The sheep were the cutest – the little ones look like teddy bears – but I was too shy to pull out my camera in front of the two shepherds staring at us with equal curiosity. So, no lamb photo – but I did take this picture of a meandering cow:

When I lived in Paris, I remember reading a memoir written by a woman who had gone to live in upstate New York and had fallen under the spell of the cows there. (I remember talking about this book with M – maybe her memory will prove sharper than mine and she will be able to provide the title/author, both of which I had forgotten.)

What this woman loved about cows was their contentment and their solidity – both of which seemed eminently in reach as we drove through Lebanon’s beautiful hills.

(More posts to come, on our hike through the countryside – but for now I have laundry to hang!)


3 Responses to “bovinity, or a day in the country”

  1. LetUsTalk said

    What a pleasant adventure into the country!

  2. It was a lovely afternoon – a nice adventure out of the city!

  3. Melody said

    The book . . . “A Place in the Country” by Laura Shaine Cunningham. I loved it! And I love the idea of Bovinity. I was wearing my Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream t-shirt (illustrated with cows) for the 20 minute clean-up on Friday and told my students about Bovinity!

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