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weed(s) of the Bekaa, part two: Israel’s war on Hizbullah drugs

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 9, 2008

Earlier this morning, S sent me a link to what may be the funniest news article I have read in ages – a Ha’aretz piece on Israel’s latest anti-drug campaign, which suggests that pot smoking helps Hizbullah:

Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority has launched a new campaign featuring Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, aimed at deterring Israelis from smoking marijuana.

As part of the campaign, the authority has published a poster showing the Hezbollah leader emerging genie-like from a bong (a waterpipe commonly used for smoking marijuana and hashish).

Underneath the image, the poster reads: “Hezbollah is clearly planning to flood Israel with narcotics. Narcotics pose a strategic threat to Israeli society. Whoever uses narcotics is giving a hand to the next terrorist attack.”

The Israeli media last week quoted senior Israeli security sources as saying that Hezbollah is planning to flood Israel with drugs in an effort to harm its citizens.

Police and IDF troops on the same day stopped the largest shipment of pure heroin ever to be intercepted on Israel’s border with Lebanon, a total of 32.5 kilograms, with an estimated street value of NIS 30 million.

Earlier that week, it was reported that the security services had arrested a career Israel Defense Forces soldier in February on suspicion that he handed over secrets to the Lebanon-based guerilla group.

My favorite part? The usually extremist “Talkbalk” section, whose first reader response is titled: Ok, is this an Onion piece, or is this real?


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