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weekend in Kuwait, part two: an aunted house

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 7, 2008

One of the many things I love about going to visit my aunt and uncle is their way of being welcoming and hospitable – without making me feel like A Guest.

In our family, being A Guest means formality – it means maintaining consciousness of things like posture and elbows on the table and not expressing opinions (like “yum! I love Marrakesh” or “no, I don’t really like Chinese food”) and especially especially not bothering the hostess with too many questions and not making a mess.

My aunt has a gracious, low-key way of ‘teaching me to fish’: giving me the tools to make myself at home, and encouraging me to do so. I feel totally at home in their house, with none of the awkwardness of being A Guest.

What I love best (aside from the steady supply of chocolate chips) are the sticky notes she puts up in the guest bedroom:

I see these and they tell me: you have a place here – you are welcome here. As A Guest, I would feel totally uncomfortable rummaging through the spare room drawers – and equally awkward leaving my luggage strewn around. As a family member, I love my aunt’s thoughtfulness, because it makes settling in so much easier.

Now I’m back home, where closet space is at a premium and drawer space is – oh, let’s just say that the drawers I use have been the cause of great hilarity among several friends. I love being home, but I miss being aunted!


2 Responses to “weekend in Kuwait, part two: an aunted house”

  1. S. Worthen said

    Those are inspired! What a really good idea!

  2. intlxpatr said

    Oh Little Diamond, I am missing you too much! Honestly, you are family; I don’t treat you like a guest. I make you fetch and carry, I intrude on your quiet times, I treat you family!

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