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tummy fantasies

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 29, 2008

Its 9 pm and I’m starving, although fully entertained by the sound of H talking to Alfa’s customer service line (“I am a company client and you are the company. Yet you as the company representative can’t tell me how much you charge me per call per month?”).

I’m dreaming of the best tabbouleh I ever had in this country, last week at Dar al-Azraq (or “Dar l’Azraq”, as its Frenchy proprietors spell it).


I can tell when food is really good because I start wishing for a big enough stomach to eat it all. And Dar al-Azraq’s food was indeed that good.

Instead, its a Casper & Gambini night for us – a local chain whose food is adequate, but whose phone staff seems to have trained with Alfa’s. Oh well – for the convenience of eating at home, all sacrifices are worthwhile :).


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