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Consensus alums

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 14, 2008

The latest missive from my alma mater arrived last week. When I got around to reading it, it reminded me of … politics in Lebanon.

The Alumni Relations Office has been rethinking the process of picking new Class Officers … to include as many people in the life of [our school] and of our class as are interested. So we’ll see what responses we get and then hopefully work it out so that everyone has a role that they are happy with. If there are several people interested in being class president, we can have co-presidents, slot someone into the VP role, or whatever makes sense. The goal is to avoid an “election” per se, and to be as inclusive as possible.

The goal is to avoid an election?

Dear Class Officers and Alumni Relations Office staff: I understand that relatively few alums want to compete to be class treasurer, but from Beirut this looks like a step backwards.

Look at Lebanon: direct popular election of the president would be a much more inclusive system than the current one. We need more examples of democracy in the world, not fewer :).


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