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escargot invasion

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 10, 2008

The weather this weekend was amazing: highs in the low 80s, a true feeling of spring (well, minus the khamseen’y haze in the air on Saturday morning). Unfortunately for me, the warm weather has also brought new life to my snail issues.

They are everywhere: I am working from home today, and I can see ten through my salon window without even moving my head.


I don’t mind them when they perch on the walls, but when they spread themselves out on the ground they look more like slugs. Slug, ugh: there’s a reason those two words rhyme. And the goo trails on the ground are … quite something.

When H went out for a wander in my yard yesterday afternoon, I tried to warn him. Watch out for the snails, I called after him.

What snails? he called back. I don’t see any.

Ignorance is bliss, I thought to myself, happy that he was enjoying a snail-free yard.

HOW MANY SNAILS ARE THERE? H yelled a few minutes later. Apparently the bliss didn’t last :).


4 Responses to “escargot invasion”

  1. Rami said

    arghh I hate that weather, brings lot of dust!

  2. Sparkle said


  3. intlxpatr said

    I remember having a discussion with someone who said that of all the animals in the world, the slug was the one animal that had no purpose in the eco-system, it could disappear and never be missed.

  4. Rami, the khamseen did leave a lot of dust on people’s cars – but it didn’t last too long, so it really wasn’t that bad. (Were you here for the real khamseens last summer, when the sky turned orange?)

    Sparkle, I KNOW. They’re cute in their little shells, but when they stretch out and look more slug-like, ick.

    Intlxpatr – really? I had no idea. How sad to be both repulsive and purposeless. I always assumed that slugs and snails were like worms: they process garbage and make it usable as nutrient matter in dirt. But I have no scientific proof to back up that assumption 🙂

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