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typically Lebanese New Yorkers :)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 27, 2008

Can you get online? G asked me this morning via sms. I need to show you something.

We’re not in touch as much these days, so I thought it might be something urgent. I rushed through my post-gym shower routine (made briefer by the fact that yes, I did indeed forget to pack my hairbrush today) and hurried to work.

Do you know the Facebook group “The Lebanese Club of New York? G asked when I had arrived and logged on.

I rushed for a FACEBOOK issue? I began wondering grumpily. But luckily G explained.

I don’t know the group – I’ve never heard of it. But evidently it knows me – or at least one of its members does.

This is the group’s page on facebook.

This is the post I wrote about seeing a painted mark on a hiking trail in Austria that looked like the Lebanese flag.

Ladies & gentlemen of Lebanon and New York: I am delighted that you enjoyed my photo, and touched that you chose it for your group.

But as an administrator of a facebook group myself, I can tell you that uploading the group’s photo requires that the uploader say that yes, he or she has the right to do so.

So naturally I am concluding that the members of this group are not merely Lebanese, but also telepathic :). They must have read my mind and known that I would be delighted that they like the photograph.

And if they are reading my mind right now, they will know that I am thinking of my favorite 212/718 Arabic (not Lebanese, sorry!) restaurants. And as fellow New York gourmands, I would love to hear about their favorites as well 🙂


2 Responses to “typically Lebanese New Yorkers :)”

  1. MacDara said

    You should think about coming to the St patricks day Ball or if not the ball the pub where the band are playing after .

  2. intlxpatr said

    I think you should join, LIttle Diamond!

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