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Fluent Applications Wanted

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 21, 2008

This post is for H, who starting tomorrow will be actively engaged in whipping Press TV’s muhajababes into camera-ready shape.

Press TV, which I have written about before, is the English-language 24-hour news channel sponsored by the government of Iran. Several of its shows broadcast from Beirut, and from what I have seen of the channel, its actually pretty good.

Its intended to compete with Al Jazeera English, and to focus more on the Middle East. Al Jazeera English focuses on the whole world, which sounds lovely until you turn it on hoping for an update on events close to home, and find yourself stuck in the midst of an extended feature on life in New Guinea.

Anyway. Press TV is on the air and still growing, judging by the advertisement I read in today’s paper:


H has been wondering just how fluent Press TV’s Beiruti tele-casters are. Judging from this advertisement, I would say: hopefully more fluent than their recruiters.

Applicants are the humans who will be hired for the job (and, one hopes, their language skills). Applications are the forms they submit as part of the hiring process: CV, resume, application form.

I edit CVs and resumes in my spare time, for friends and family – and I can tell you that a CV can make many promises on which it cannot deliver.

So, Press TV: have a care when hiring. Don’t take those applications’ claims to “excellent English skills” at face value!


4 Responses to “Fluent Applications Wanted”

  1. *laugh*

  2. M. said


    On a sidenote, I’ve started reading the book you mentioned several posts below. It’s actually entertaining to see how things happened on the other side of the fence in the school, especially when he refers to some of the administrators “anonymously,” since it was quite transparent who he was talking about 🙂

  3. Riemer, I laughed out loud when I read the advertisement. Obviously just a typo, but … what was the copy editor thinking when he/she let that pass??

    M, you’re reading Ober’s IC memoir? Oh, I’m very interested to hear what you think of it! Not knowing the school very well, my impression was that running it was a “growing” but frustrating time for him, and that he was trying to write out some of his frustrations.

    What I loved were the little details: his difficulty in getting sets of building/office keys for staff, his frustration with students & faculty on plant-a-tree day for waiting around while the hired labor actually did the dirty work, his observations on the patronage networks that kept the school safe during the war.

  4. […] has created the English-language France 24, and (somewhat more entertainingly) Iran has Press TV. For Arabic speakers, Russia has Rusiya al-Yom, and the British are about to […]

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