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There’s no “I” in “League”: Now Lebanon on the Arab League Summit

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 13, 2008

Whenever someone asks me about Now Lebanon, I feel like the Lebanese news-site version of the blissfully unaware anti-Semite.

Of course I read its articles, I find myself saying. After all, some of my best friends work there.

Its true: there are many feature articles on Now Lebanon that I find brilliantly incisive and highly topical – and all of them have been written by friends of mine. But I can’t stand the site’s blindly March 14 political leanings, which affect everything from its news articles to its editorials to its polls.

NL’s current poll is driving me absolutely bananas (well, that and the ridiculous amount of gunfire thanks to Saad Hariri’s appearance on Kalam al-Nass tonight. When we stopped off for an apres-diner Monoprix grocery run, I could hear the booms even through the Muzak.).

The poll asks:

Should the upcoming Arab League Summit, scheduled to take place next month in Damascus, be canceled or postponed until Lebanon has elected a new president to represent it there?

What a beautiful example of the self-centered, megalomaniac attitude that is the ugliest side of the Lebanese character. Or it would be if this poll had been written by a Lebanese person, which I doubt.

Of course, the 21 other members of the Arab League should put their national futures on hold until Lebanon gets its act together.

Of course, the 296.5 million other citizens of the Arab League should let their interests hang in the balance while Lebanon’s 3.5 million wallow a bit longer in woe-is-us-but-look-at-our-nightlife land.

Don’t get me wrong – I would be the first to agree that the Arab League is a total vacuum of effectiveness when it comes to either policy-making or regional agreements.

But the suggestion that Lebanon is so special that the rest of the League should cool its collective heels until it sorts itself out is utterly ridiculous.

Worse than the poll itself, however, is the distressing news that my opinion is very much a minority one. Well, you 87% who think that the Arab League Summit should be postponed until Lebanon has a president: you have your work cut out for you.


One Response to “There’s no “I” in “League”: Now Lebanon on the Arab League Summit”

  1. intlxpatr said

    I was going to leave a sarcastic remark like “tell us how you really feel!” and I realized that your anger masks so much pain for this beautiful country. We have to trust that in the long run, these struggles will work in some way to create a stronger, multi-party foundation for a thriving country. . .

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