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stocking the fridge with food and … shampoo

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 9, 2008

I have a food shortage anxiety, H said to me the other day.

I looked at him, confused.

I mean I don’t like to go to bed without food in the refrigerator, he explained. I think: what happens if I’m going to bed, and I’m a little bit hungry, and as I lie in bed I get hungrier, and then I can’t sleep, and there is nothing to eat?

I made sympathetic “of course, I understand perfectly” noises, but inside I thought: thank goodness H doesn’t rely on the contents of my refrigerator for his off-to-dreamland bedtime snacks.

My refrigerator isn’t likely to assuage anyone’s food anxieties: aside from milk, yogurt, tofu and peanut sauce, its fairly lacking in edibles.

But if you’re having a shampoo crisis, a nail polish shortage, or emergency lotion needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s an overview photo:


Notice the ratio of food items to beauty items? H would die of starvation anxiety.

(And please don’t read “exciting party girl diamond” into that bottle of wine. Its been sitting in my refrigerator since last March. Yes, that’s how much I drink.)

For those looking more for a visual feast than an actual one, allow me to give you a more detailed tour.

Here’s a close-up of the nail polish section, in case your manicure is chipping or you are looking for new colors:


I learned to store nail polish in my refrigerator from C, a college friend who now runs a successful artisanal jam-making outfit in San Francisco.

And I learned to store lotions-&-potions beauty products in the refrigerator from another friend named C, during a long hot summer in Fes, Morocco. If you’re blonde, like to remove your eye makeup at night, or insist on using lotion with sun protection, my bottom row collection is for you:


Needless to say, my refrigerator elicits comments from everyone who opens its door, including my cleaning lady. I’m sure that its been used in a funny-foreigners story or two – but that’s fine.

At least I know that I will never have the beauty equivalent of a food shortage anxiety. If I go to bed and my toenail polish is a little bit chipped, or my toothpaste tube is getting empty, no worries will keep me awake. I know I’ll be able to take care of the problem in the morning, just by going to the kitchen and opening my refrigerator door.


5 Responses to “stocking the fridge with food and … shampoo”

  1. SparklePlenty said

    Wow – just learned something new – store polish (and other beauty aids) in the fridge! Of course, we’ll have to find a whole new place for food, now…
    Seriously, though, doesn’t the nail polish get too thick when its cold? I’ll have to give this a shot. Cool tip, LD!

  2. intlxpatr said

    LOL @ Sparkle! You’ll have to buy another fridge!

    Little Diamond, that is a very small fridge – and not even tabouleh! Not even a generous amount of water!

  3. I can just imagine on a really hot day applying cool lotion to my face and hands. I bet that would be soothing. Cool post.

  4. fenie said

    Important!!! can the person who keep beauty products in fridge wrote this post contact me at my email address, I like to know more ways to caring for my beauty products.

  5. what is that pink on the bottom left? love it!!!

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