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Jesus in my mobile

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 5, 2008

Yesterday marked the start of Maronite Lent, which is nothing to sneeze at. When Maronites fast, they really fast.

Here’s how the Maronites fasted until the mid-1900s:

Traditional Maronite Fast and Abstinence
(in vigour until at least the 1920’s)
(Cf. Fr. R.. Janin, A.A. Les Eglise orientales et Les Rites orientaux, Paris 1922)
The practise of fast and abstinence was regulated by the Maronite synod of 1736
Fast: eating and drinking forbidden until midday
Abstinence: abstaining from eating all meat, oil, wine and animal products (eggs, milk, cheese etc.)
1. Great Lent from Quinquagesima to Easter abstinence every day; fasting every day except on Sundays and Saturdays (with the exception of Holy Saturday)
2. Apostles Lent abstinence four days 25th – 28th June
3. Assumption Lent abstinence eight days 7th – 14th August
4. Christmas Lent abstinence twelve days 13th – 24th December
5. Abstinence every Wednesday and Friday except: from Christmas to Epiphany, the Friday before Great Lent, from Easter to Pentecost, June 24th and 29th; August 6th and 15th
6 Forbidden food Like most oriental Christians, the Maronites kept the Mosaic ban on eating blood, suffocated animals and certain animals considered impure; and which Oriental Church Councils have many times renewed.

(Source: The Redemptorists)

Here’s how Maronites in the United States fast for Lent today, according to Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Miami:
All Maronites who are physically capable are to abstain from meat on Ash Monday (February 27) and all Fridays of Lent.

Ash Monday and the Great Friday of the Crucifixion are also days of fasting. Fasting in the Maronite Church involves eating and drinking nothing at all (except water and medicine) from midnight until noon. The rest of the day normal meals can be taken but without meat. All Maronites who are physically capable are to fast on these two days.

And here’s how Maronites in Lebanon keep their thoughts on spiritual matters during Lent: with devotional SMS’s. This one arrived in my mobile’s inbox an hour ago:

An SMS A Day Keeps Evil

Away! In the Fasting days,

a daily Quote keeps Jesus

present in our hearts all

the way!! Get Blessed &

send F1 by SMS to 1061.

Sawm Mubarek to all who are fasting, and may Lent bring you a peaceful heart and a tranquil soul.


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