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coming soon to a theater near … well, in a way … you

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 27, 2008

I’m dying to see Beaufort, the Israeli film that has been sweeping the European film festivals and is now up for an Oscar. Beaufort Castle is an old Crusader (and possibly earlier) era castle in southern Lebanon that dates to at least the early 12th century. During the civil war it was occupied first by Palestinian militias and then by the Israelis. (A fascinating paper on the Lebanese government’s efforts to restore the castle since the Israeli pull-out is available as a PDF here.)


(Beaufort Castle, taken during a lovely Sunday day trip to the south last March with S, T, K, and a visiting G.)

I would love to see Beaufort … but given its language (Hebrew) and its nationality (Israeli) I doubt it will be coming to any Lebanese theaters. Hence the title of this post: Israel is near, but not in the way that most movie previews mean :).

Here’s the preview, courtesy of YouTube:


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