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Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 19, 2008

No, I do not need a separate bag for the bread, I said for the third time.

The grocery store I frequent sells French-style bread (its not bad, actually) in bins, but with no tongs for picking them up. So I use a sheet of wax paper, pick up a few baby baguettes, and then bundle them in the paper.

But the bagger-cum-assistant manager wouldn’t leave my side. Bag? he asked, over and over. Hence my repeated no’s.

I don’t mind leaving them in the wax paper, and I think that the extra bag is just a waste of paper.

So I no’d my way from the bread section to the cash registers, explaining again that no, an extra bag was not necessary, and would he please put it away.

But he got me in the end. I like the cashiers – sweet women stuck in a dull job – and always say hello to them. And while my back was turned, he scooped up the baguettes and put them in a bag.

Lebanon: redefining customer service.


One Response to “bested.”

  1. SparklePlenty said

    LOL, LD! Its like being in Nordstrom’s and having to deal with how to disengage from the ovezealous clerk when all you really just want is to putz through the racks, but then where are they when you really have a question?! Bag ’em up, storekeep…

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