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Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 18, 2008

Yesterday I had a good-bye tea & muffin with M, who is returning home to Baltimore early tomorrow morning with her spouse, W. M was carrying two intriguing looking shopping bags, one from an artisanat near the Gefinor and one from AUB, of all places. Apparently its museum has a gift shop. I see a campus visit in my future :)!

M also has a blog, Photo Beirut, and has been pondering what to do with it once she returns home. W came up with a few suggestions for new names, and I’m offering up another as the title of this post.

M’s dilemma is one that most of us who write about living in a place other than home will face sooner or later. When I return to the US, I won’t find the same adventures on my walks around Beirut – I’ll find different adventures, specific to my US home. But those different adventures will probably interest a different audience.

Maybe this is how writers feel, when they transition from one book to the next.

At any rate, M & W, you will be much missed here!


One Response to “back-to-beirutimore”

  1. M said

    Hi Diamond! Thanks for the blog name idea (and the photo is still making me smile!). We miss Beirut a lot. I still haven’t had time to work on transitioning the blog, the work it takes to just transition W and I is taking a while!

    all the best,

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