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too funny

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 29, 2007

This morning I received an invitation to participate in a conference whose focus is answering the following question: Do Arab women have a sense of humor?

Does laughing at the very idea of this conference prove they do :P?

After a lovely week in Seattle, I’m returning to Beirut tomorrow, heartened by the news that I will not miss the next presidential election, as it has once again been postponed. Good to know that the country’s politicians haven’t lost their spark in my absence, and that I will have recovered from my West-to-East jet lag by the time they postpone the next session.

Thanks to the ESL’ly titled Facebook quiz Which Lebanese politician you are I see that if I were one of Lebanon’s marquee politicians, I would be Michel Aoun, or Micheal Oun, as the quiz spells it. Apparently my love of the color blue was not enough to counter my preference for non-sectarian elections and my preference to appear on television “just to deliver a massage to other parties”. Massage TV – I love it.

And it could have been worse. I see that my friend T is Walid Jumblatt. T spends a considerable amount of time at Haigazian, whose neighborhood is steadily being engulfed by Jumblatts and their security protection.  T’s Christmas is on the 6th – maybe a Druze cap would make a good stocking stuffer! 


One Response to “too funny”

  1. Iman said

    That is funny! Who’s hosting such conference?

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