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snail goo

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 17, 2007

Lebanon is facing so many important issues right now: political, economic, social. For example, as I walked to work today the sudden appearance of a tank parked at the intersection I cross reminded me that today is yet another election day in Lebanon.

But today the country will have to look after itself, for I have more pressing concerns.

My home is being invaded by snails.

I’ve mentioned my slow-moving neighbors before – every so often one or two climbs its way up my building’s walls, and once I looked up from my computer to find one perched on my interior wall. The climbing instinct, I suppose.

This weekend, I noticed that an entire snail colony was making its leisurely way up my north-facing outside wall. I don’t mind snails when they stay outside, but there were at least ten. I was starting to feel a bit out-numbered, but I tried not to let paranoia get the better of me.

But yesterday morning paranoia turned to panic. I went to my mudroom to put in a load of laundry, and noticed that the floor had long shiny streaks on it. AS DID MY CLOTHING.

I had been goo-ed. Ugh. Happily, I have a ready supply of rubber gloves. As I gathered a load of darks, something round and heavy fell onto the floor: a large, rather sheepish-looking snail.

I frowned. The snail curled in around itself.

I’m sorry, I told it, but this is just too gross for me.

And I am sure that this snail is now building a happy life in my garden, after a brief airborne journey from my mudroom window to its new home.



6 Responses to “snail goo”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Horrors! Literally, horrors! How totally awful! Isn’t there something you can put on the wall that deters them, like vinegar or bleach or something they hate – salt?

  2. Hassan said

    HAHA If you put salt on a snail it will only encourage them to leave their shells and crawl around “naked” (more goo 4 yoo!)

    this is how snails are actually coerced out of their shells when they are being prepared for cooking!

  3. Mmmm Hassan, I know that works with slugs, but it leaves a bit of a mess on the floor as well.

    Khalti I love the idea of tossing salt at the walls – like the proverbial pinch of salt, but on a much larger, much more interesting for the neighbors scale. And I have a very gourmet salt collection: rock salt, red salt, grey salt, French sea salt.

    Tayyeb snails: get ready for some NaCl!

  4. Sparkle said

    Ick! Ick! Ick! I’ve heard that garlic deters them, and also, you could leave a small plate of beer out (can you do that?!) – they’ll all gravitate there and you can practice your pitching technique out the window in batches….

  5. I know I’m a bit late for this, my internet hasn’t been working…

    I used to have slugs visit my home in England, something that never happened to me growing up in the mid-western US. I’d wake up in the morning to those glimmery trails all over my dark-blue carpets showing the arduous path some stupid slugs took across my carpet only to turn around mid-way across the room and head back out as dawn approached. What was the point? There was one advantage…they kept my youngest mess-making daughter out of the kitchen in the evenings after I’d cleaned up, she was petrified of slugs and I’m guilty of fostering that fear a bit to keep my kitchen clean…naughty mommy!

  6. […] Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 10, 2008 The weather this weekend was amazing: highs in the low 80s, a true feeling of spring (well, minus the khamseen’y haze in the air on Saturday morning). Unfortunately for me, the warm weather has also brought new life to my snail issues. […]

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