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Who lives here? more cable in Beirut

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 8, 2007

When my satellite television bill came due last month, I wrote about Lebanon’s grey market “cable” system (white in terms of organization, black in terms of government regulation).

I explained that every month I receive a receipt detailing the amount of my bill and providing a company name, agent name and contact number – the same as I do when I buy goods and services in legal arenas.

(The only thing missing is the government stamp, which I will write about one of these days – since the Stamp Act of 1765, Americans have been a bit touchy about governments that raise revenue by requiring official stamps on certain documents. Moving to a part of the world where paying for government stamps is a way of life required a big shift in my thinking.)

And I also explained that the name on the receipt is not mine – it belongs to a man named Muhammad Badr al-Muhtaram.

When the cable guy came around at the start of December, I decided to ask him about my alter ego.

Who is this man, Muhammad Badr al-Muhtaram? I asked.

He is the one who lives in this apartment, the cable man answered.

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. I am the one who lives in this apartment, I said.

Well, maybe he lives there too? he asked

No, I said firmly. This is my apartment. Did he think I was the maid? Did he think I was so stupid that I didn’t notice a strange Lebanese man living in my apartment? Who knows!

Well, perhaps he lived there before you did, he said.

I don’t think so – I was told that an elderly woman used to live here.

But I suppose I shouldn’t really complain about having some strange man’s name on my illegal cable account, rather than my own :).


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