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happiness is a rainy day and a big pile of magazines

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 8, 2007

A has been graciously lending me his Gemmaze post office box for over a year – and its quite a loan. I have my magazines sent there – and when I say “magazines”, I don’t mean two or three. Its more like ten.

My last job was in downtown, which made trotting over to Gemmayze during postal working hours fairly easy. Since then, however, I have become extremely lazy about retrieving them.

A gave me a firm talking to last weekend when I crashed the Friday happy hour he frequents.

Diamond, he said firmly, setting down his pint of ale and looking me in the eye, this has to stop. You have to pick up those magazines – the post office workers are going to kill me.

Meekly, I agreed, even consenting to wear “decent walking shoes” so I could carry them all. Well, the three-inch heels I am wearing are more than decent, and I do walk in them …

We met at the post office this afternoon, and yes, there was quite a pile-up. And now we are all happy: the post office at getting rid of them, A at having done his duty in teaching me another one of life’s lessons :P, and me at having such a wealth to read.

If you have any questions about the latest fashion, travel spots, business tips or home decor ideas, let me know – after reading through all these magazines, I will be an expert!




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