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What the Lebanese are really thinking about these days

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 7, 2007

Its not the constitution, as far as I can tell. Or at least, that sure isn’t what Lebanon’s mobile phone advertising community is thinking about.

The other evening, my mobile phone beeped with a text message.

I was expecting a text, so I quickly dug through the outer pocket of my handbag to find my phone, but the sms I received wasn’t the one I expected.

YOU wanna BLOW a SWEET GOODNIGHT KISS on ur Beloved? Yeaa! YOU can DO it NOW! Just send P49 to 1069 and Get a FANTASTIC Message to SAY “GOOD NIGHT” in ur WAY!

No, definitely not what I expected. But perhaps I should have been less surprised. After all, a few days previously I had been invited to:

Send NOW a “HOT HOT GOODNight!!” to ur Girlfriend! SURPRISE HER! Just send P45 to 1069 and Enjoyy!

Well, I was rather surprised to learn that I have a girlfriend. Perhaps I should have figured something was up sooner, when I was encouraged to:

Get NOW Thousands and Thousands of Kisses!! WAAAAAAAW! That’s COOOL 🙂 Just send P41 to 1069 and Enjoy KISSING!!!

At least that one sounded G-rated. The sms ad prior to it was a little racier – and had a personal touch:

Hi Dear

U Can Enjoy Our EXTREME LOVE Services by sending to 1069: L1 M1 N9

Apparently “EXTREME LOVE” comes in three versions.


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