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search, and ye shall find

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 4, 2007

This afternoon I noticed that my reader statistics have been rising again. Naturally, I thought. When Lebanese politics makes the news, people get interested. So I looked at the search terms bringing people to my blog in the past week, and found … that very few people who alight here seem to do so out of interest in our president-less state.

Some are concerned with issues I can relate to, like:

Are diamonds cheaper in Kuwait?

They are, but Gulf diamonds are usually heat or laser treated – and fairly obviously so. If you look at the way they catch the light, you will see that their sparkle is cold and fairly monochromatic. Save up for the real thing – its worth it.

Other searches left me impressed, like:

sms Ahmedinejad

Good for you for taking political activism to a personal level. I’m sure he makes his mobile number available to anyone who asks, of course :).

Some searchers appear to be contemplating less than legal activities, like the person curious about:

penalties for bringing alcohol into Kuwait

and many people (I’m guessing men, but trying not to discriminate) are interested in women, like the person searching for

lebanese pikini women

He (or she) needs a little help minding his (or her) p’s and b’s :). But his (or her) search was more pleasant to read than the one searching for

+damascus +nightlife +girls

(why not just throw in “+Iraqi” and be done with it?)

and certainly than for the creepy searcher hoping to find results for

arab family sex film.

Nice family you must come from, sir.

But my favorite search – and the one I nominate for “most random collection of search terms” is:

Iowa couscous (election).

I’m going to type it in now and see what comes up :).

2 Responses to “search, and ye shall find”

  1. intlxpatr said

    *dying laughing* at all of them, and I am betting your readership is really growing because you have such a sweetly intelligent blog, and really give us insight about life in Beirut. (Iowa couscous, LLLOOOLLLLLLL) What, they throw a little corn into it?

  2. Iman said

    I got here by searching ‘Palestine Beaches’ in google images…and I’m glad I ended up here… I’m loving reading your thoughts 🙂

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