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musical interlude

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 1, 2007

My parents gave me two sets of wind chimes for my birthday (among heaps of other gifts) – I miss the sounds of chimes blowing in the breeze. And with winter upon us, Lebanon is entering the windy season – perfect for music-making.

Today I hung one set from one of my backyard trees, using an unorthodox combination of laundry twine and slip-knots. Let’s see how long they hold.


Of course the breeze died down as soon as I finished hanging the wind chimes and returned inside. But as the afternoon light fades, the wind is picking up again and I can hear the faint tinkle of the chimes as they brush into one another.

Meanwhile I see on Naharnet that at 14:14 Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh received Serge Brammertz’ final report. Clearly he is not concerning himself with the UN special investigation’s progress, despite all the noise made about it. After all, today is Saturday, and the report was made available to the general public on Thursday.

Perhaps the good Minister considers himself too special to download the report himself and preferred to wait until handed his own copy. Or perhaps downloading is not his thing. A telecommunications minister whose department retards the development of phone and internet communications can hardly be expected to embrace the digital age with open arms. Or – who knows – perhaps he shares my pessimistic view that the special investigation and the tribunal that follows will go nowhere, and so decided to spend his time in other pursuits – like finding a president :).


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