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Is this a threat or a promise? Hamadeh guarantees “the continuity of public services”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 25, 2007

A news update from Now Lebanon: Minister Hamadeh: the government will ensure the continuity of public services.

Oh, thank goodness. I would miss the power cuts terribly if they were halted. Nonstop light, heat, and internet? Perish the thought.

And drinking water 24/7? I wouldn’t know what to do with all that water – even I can only drink so much tea.

(I’ve hyper-texted the update, but clicking through isn’t really worth the effort. NL’s commentary pieces are interesting, but the texts behind its news update headlines rarely add much to the header. In this case, the bulk of the update is political sniping from Hamadeh – the public services reference is an after-thought.)


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