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greased lightnin’: flying while musical

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 22, 2007

I love musicals. From Oklahoma to West Side Story, I can sing along with almost all of them – even lesser known productions like Starlight Express. In my opinion, everyday life would be much improved if we all broke into a song and dance routine at least once a day – like a Bollywoodized version of reality.

My second flight leaving Beirut was a long one – and featured a retro-style flight experience: no individual televisions. For me it was fine – I often am too busy sleeping (or reading) to watch an in-flight movie. And, true to form, I slept right through the first film and into the second.

When I woke, I looked up and found … heaven, in movie form. For some reason, the second feature film on my flight was Grease. I dug around frantically for my earphones, plugged in and happily bopped my way from the end of “Summer Lovin'” to the closing number.


When the movie ended, I sat back and steeled myself for the flight’s remaining hours. I had little hope that the third movie would prove as entertaining, so I put away my earphones and pulled out my book. But when the opening credits began to roll, I realized that the third in-flight movie was … Grease, again.

If the number of people on board my flight thrilled about watching Grease once was more than half the total passenger count, I would have been surprised. And if the number thrilled to watch Grease twice in a row was more than one, I would have been shocked.

But I was that geeky one – and I was delighted. And unsurprisingly, I have been humming songs from Grease ever since.


One Response to “greased lightnin’: flying while musical”

  1. Maria said

    How fortuitous! I would love an all-musical (or even all-Grease) flight.

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