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Lebanon, from far away

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 20, 2007

Snow started falling early this morning in the city where I currently find myself, falling steadily as the night sky turned to grey morning. I love the snow – today is my birthday, and an early winter snowfall is a beautiful gift for a Mediterranean transplant like myself.

But I am watching the news updates online and my heart sinks with every new line. (I’m grateful as always to Tayyar for its frequent updates, even if I could live without the adulatory Aoun updates – Tayyar covers the minutiae of his days like LBC used to cover Ambassador Feltman’s.) I see the “election” has been postponed until Friday, and I “see” from the long list of meetings held and statements issued that things are not going well in Beirut.

I hope this is a hiccup – I hope that this is the moment of darkest night that comes just before dawn.



2 Responses to “Lebanon, from far away”

  1. Maria said

    Much love,

  2. sporty diamond said

    Happy (belated) birthday to you on your blog – just catching up on your postings 🙂 Love you and so lucky to have you as my sister!!!

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