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“I come from an ice culture”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 10, 2007

Why are you drinking ice water? I was asked recently. Its winter.

I pointed out that the air-conditioning was on, indicating rather warm weather for the coldest season.

But how can you drink water that cold? my questioners persisted.

I could never drink that, one said. No, no, said another.

Well, I said, somewhat at a loss for words. I’m American. I come from … an ice culture.

Nods and laughter all around. Apparently Americans’ fondness for ice is well-known in Lebanon.


I’m sticking with my ice water, winter weather notwithstanding. What embarrasses me as an American is not our fortitude in the face of cold drinks, but our weakness when confronted with hot ones:


If people here think I’m goofy for drinking my water with extra ice, they find the warnings we place on our hot drinks utterly hysterical. And … they’re probably right!

6 Responses to ““I come from an ice culture””

  1. intlxpatr said

    Those signs only started appearing when a drive-through customer – I think Starbucks – spilled the coffee and burned himself, SUED and WON. Imagine, thinking hot coffee might be other than hot??? Since then, those warning labels have appeared.

  2. sporty diamond said

    Yes, Intlxpatr is correct – there was a lawsuit – against McDonalds… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonald's_coffee_case …interesting…

  3. yes, exactly – this is precisely what I am referring to! what’s funny to me is that while those warnings are not required on beverages sold here, they appear on Starbucks and other US franchise to-go cups because they use the same template as the US stores. And people here find the warnings _very_ funny and _very_ American!

  4. Skiman said

    It’s a little known fact but drinking cold water actually burns calories!!!
    It’s not exactly the way to keep your weight down but during the course of a year it will save you enough for a couple of Mars bars. More than good reason to drink your water ice cold.

  5. Maria said

    Ice in water, okay. But do you still put ice in your milk? I think you’re the only person I know who used to do that!! 😉

  6. Skiman – I remember one of my (male) friends in college coming up to a group of us, thrilled with the discovery that ice water could be a diet aid. He was convinced it would be his key to fame and fortune – until a chemistry major did the calculations to determine just how many gallons a person would need to drink before losing a pound.

    Maria, I had forgotten about the ice milk! I love milk in tea, but somehow over the years I have lost the taste for milk alone. Maybe I should try it with ice again 🙂

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