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those who forget the past …

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 7, 2007

will be condemned to stumble around in the dark, groping for a flashlight, box of matches or mobile phone to light their way to the fusebox.

Tonight I was forgetful.

I like to make tea.


I like to wash my clothes.


I like to run my refrigerator.


And I like to shower.


In my former homes (Iowa, New York, Damascus, Paris), doing all these at the same time was perfectly feasible.In Beirut, I can do any two of the above: wash clothes and run the refrigerator, run the refrigerator and the water heater, run the water heater and make tea, etc.

When I try to do more than two, I usually end up as I did tonight: stubbing my toe and grazing my elbow as I struggled to find an alternative source of light.

Just call me a slow learner … !


One Response to “those who forget the past …”

  1. Maria said

    ack! reminds me of life in an aging italian apartment.

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