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mamma mia: amateur pizza photography

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 24, 2007

On Monday night I had a delightful dinner with a full table’s worth of friends. We ate at Olio, in Gemayze – Italian with a light touch.


Five of the seven of us ordered pizza – and, amazingly enough, we all ordered different pies. As on Noah’s ark, they came in pairs: my primavera with K’s rustica; S’s prosciutto e funghi with W’s tre funghi.

And then … we waited. What had happened to M’s pizza? M2 and C, whose salads had come the earliest, looked patiently at their greens. The rest of us less patiently picked up our special pizza knives, “inspecting” them (otherwise known as: getting ready to dig in:D).

But when M’s pizza arrived, we all forgot our own meals. M’s pizza bianca was a diva worth the wait: a stunning contrast of creamy white cheese, deep purple-grey olives, and dark dark sundried tomatoes.

Its not that our own pies weren’t delicious – they were. But M’s was a knock-out.

Inspired, I tried to take a photograph. Or perhaps I should say: Foolishly, I tried to take a photograph.

M is a professional, i.e., trained, i.e., good, photographer. And she was very gracious about my sudden desire to delay her dinner further with some egregiously amateur snapshots!

This is the worse of the two – even after extensive editing it still looks like microwaved leftover pie:


This one turned out a bit better. Doesn’t this pizza look tempting? Aren’t you hungry just from seeing the photograph?img_0025.jpg


2 Responses to “mamma mia: amateur pizza photography”

  1. intlxpatr said

    It looks WONDERFUL!

  2. Sparkle said

    Ditto! Its 8am, and my teeth are aching for that pizza. De-Lish!

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