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feeling loved

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 20, 2007

For the past few days I’ve been receiving a number of love messages from Lebanon’s sms advertisers, like:

في شخص بحبك بالسر بدك تعرف مين اتصل1429

Someone loves me secretly – and if I want to know who, I only have to dial 1429 to find out.

This was more convincing until K mentioned that she had received the same sms. Either the same man loves us both – secretly, of course – or 1429 is the sms equivalent of the romance-based email spam I used to receive at work.

What K has not yet received, however, is the EXTREME “Love Kiss” sms:

Get NOW the EXTREME “Love Kiss”!! That’s Trendy and FANTASTIC! Just Send K1 to 1069 and Enjoy this COOL “KISS” 🙂

I am partial to smiley faces with noses (the “-“), but skeptical about the EXTREMEness, Trendiness and COOLness of a digital kiss I have to pay for. As Billie Holiday tells us, love for sale is at best “love that’s only slightly soiled”!


One Response to “feeling loved”

  1. ayad said

    اهديك اطيب تحياتي

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