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waiting waiting waiting

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 11, 2007

The Lebanese government declares Eid after the Saudi government does – which determines when the holiday begins. I’ve heard the call to prayer, and I’ve heard the “cannon” (which is how I’ve come to think of the local musalihin – men with arms, literally, although its generally used to refer to those of the less government-sanctioned kind 🙂 – who fire off shots after the call ends). And now I’m nominally working while checking my work email to see whether in fact tomorrow will be a holiday :).

We all assume – and by all I mean not only my co-workers but also the drivers of the one million cars clogging the city’s roads this afternoon – that tomorrow will be Eid, but until the official announcement comes … its just another work day.

time for another news check … !


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