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the bag lady

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on September 24, 2007

Do you have a bag I can borrow? G asked the other night, burdened with assorted bottles of ranch dressing, Tylenol cold products and other goodies brought back from the US.

Of course, I yelled from the salon. There’s one in the kitchen. Do you see it?

You’ve got to be kidding, G called back. No way am I taking that bag.

Well. I like the bag, but in G’s defense, his next stop was an all-guys poker game.

There should be other bags in the cupboard by the refrigerator, I said.

For a few moments, I heard the sounds of plastic shuffling, and then:

ARE YOU SERIOUS? G called. You brought bags from TARGET back to Lebanon?

Errgh. We all have our quirks. When I travel, I wrap my toiletries in ziplock bags, and my shoes and clothing in plastic shopping bags. And yes, I do end up lining my trash cans with US shopping bags for the first month. A bit weird, but … you know … all the comforts of home :D.


4 Responses to “the bag lady”

  1. Maria said

    I love seeing the Hy Vee bag- now that is regionally specific!!

  2. *laughing* yes – I have a couple of Hy Vee bags! I had some from TJ Maxx as well, but I’ve used them already.

  3. intlxpatr said

    *dying laughing* It’s a family culture thing. I like to have bags for my shoes, bags for anything that might spill (full bottle of rubbing alcohol which you can’t find anywhere in Kuwait) etc. and oh yes, bags for everything! Except the right bag for G!

  4. S. Worthen said

    How else are you meant to transport things that might get other things dirty safely in a suitcase?

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